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This set is perfect for Unicorn themed Birthday parties. It comes with all handcrafted items: 1 gold horn, 2 ears, 5 paper flowers, a set of lashes and two banners with 2 unicorns on each, with Happy one one banner and Birthday on the other. 


Timeframe to create: 1.5 weeks from date of purchase. (up to 11 calendar days)

Unicorn B-Day Set

  • This set comes with 5 flowers: 1 large (15"), 2 medium and 2 small (8"). You can choose your own colors; up to a max of 4 colors.

    Double sided heavy duty tape is used on the flowers. If you need a different backing based on how you will be hanging the flowers, please advise in a note at checkout.

    Please send your color choice in a note section below.

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